Monday, September 12, 2011

IM back Baby

Well, hello there! Yup IM back at Hope, and have already put in my first full day. But firstly, I'd like to say thanks for all your patience. And when I say your. I mean all the clients who were forced to wait several months for appointments that we were forced to reschedule due to my Hollywood excursion.
Well, I'll start by posting a lil piece I did on one Latisha Wood.
A super talented artist, and cool gal.

She was looking for an LA gal, and what she got was a Capo Gal, as an LA gal. Sorry Latisha.
But now that IM back my very first tattoo was finishing off this Statue of Liberty piece I stated just before leaving for the west coast. And also one of the first clients that had to be double rescheduled.

the Fact that we finished this on 9/11 is a total coincidence. Sorry for the delay man. Thanks for being so Patient.
And lastly, while out in CA. I stopped by and visited mr Franco Vescovi, of Bishop Rotary. Got me a whole bunch for sale. So if yer interested, drop me a line.

Well thats all for now, Short and sweet today. More in the coming days.

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