Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lining, Cheatin, Stealin. This Friday At Paradise

Hey All so IM gonna do our Lining, Cheatin, Stealin. Seminar Solo this Friday At the Paradise Tattoo Gathering.

As with when I do this seminar with Jime, I'll be touching on my drawing techniques, and how I cheat, and have tried to create a somewhat original, and recognizable drawing, and tattooing style.

I'll also be touching on Tattooing techniques, and what I see to be the differences between Rotary, and Coil machines. Seminar will run between 2-3 hours, cost $150. and one can get tickets at door. Look for me in the Main room at Paradise, Friday afternoon. Course includes booklets, a DVD, and a lot of knowledge. So bring your thinking caps, sketch books, and portfolios. Questions, and audience interaction is a must. So be prepared.
See ya in Paradise!

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