Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ooooh, My achin back!!!

Oh boo hoo me... No really IM dyin' over here. I threw my back out a week ago today, and its hurtin' like a son ova bitch. And of course IM busier than Hell at work with tattooing, nd side projects. Now granted I've only had to cancel one days worth of appointments, and IM struggling threw the rest. But the side projects are all but at a standstill at the moment, IM just trying to rest up a bit, and get better before I go away next week for the Tried & True show in Orlando.
My belly achin' outta the way, figured I'd post a couple of drawings IM doing for a client this Friday (that is if he digs em). It'll be a complete sleeve, when done, IM keeping the background, and filler stuff till later, when I actually put the stencils on him. So I know how much room I got to fool with.
The fair side to this hurtin back, is that I seem to be able to sit at my desk and work. As long as I don't get up to often, and go on any long walks.
Now time to hang with the ladies.

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