Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Back, and crappy days.

I wanted to title this post, Bad Backs, and Rainy day. But as it turns out, it pretty wonderful outside.
But that does not alleviate the pain I've been experiencing in my Back (lower back to be exact). If you know me, you may also know that about once a year, I suffer some pretty crappy back pains. Wether I throw it out moving something, spend all day hunched over a client tattooing, or Hell, just sneezing too hard. It happens, it sucks, and usually IM back in the game in a day or so.
But if you really know me, you may also know that there have really only been 2 other times that I threw my back out so bad that it required me taking several days off, and only 1 other of those instances, did I require, and go to see a doctor. Well this is on of those times. Tomorrow at noon, i've got myself an appointment with a doctor, and what I hope will be some relief.
But enough bout that. Suffice to say, very little has been done in the way of art. Like I said I worked my ass off till I could work it no more. Tattooing everyday, and than doing a bit of painting in the early evening, before leaving Hope for Home.
Which brings me to the art portion of this post. Its a rendering (Sketch, to finish) of my very own KidRobot toy, "The Bride". This lil lady will be made into a small limited edition, signed and numbered print that will accompany any and all of the "Bride" toys purchased from me.
We will also have a limited T-shirt available at the Hell City tattoo convention (while supplies last), of not this image, but one very similar. Very similar, because Its another drawing of the same Toy. suppose theres only so much I can think of doing with the lil lady. But whatever...
Hope ya enjoy the art, and I hope IM behind my easel sooner than later...

p.s. she's prismacolor "Very Thin" pencils, airbrush, and acrylic paint, on bristol board, and she measures about 12x17"

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