Friday, April 16, 2010

Head Cheese, in progress.

Well, IM back at home (for now), and got blown off yesterday. So I did what any self respecting tattooist should. I spent the day at the studio painting my ass off. As some of ya may know I've only got a couple of weeks to complete this piece that IM hoping to put into the "Flesh to Canvas" show at NYC Last Rites Gallery. I started it what seems months ago, but really, its only been a few weeks (maybe a month). I will admit to having issues with it in the beginning, but I'd like to think IM working thru those.

I've still a bit to go, plus framing. So IM hoping that this weekend will be my time to shine. But with a bunch of tattooing to do, and whatnot, who knows. Fingers crossed...

I will admit its kinda fun doing a dead self portrait of ones self, but weird as well.

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