Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's official! it coming

Well, its finally been released and I can talk a bit more freely about it. Back in August and September I went out to Hollywood CA to film a TV show for 6 weeks. The show is titled "Best INK" And will Debut on the Oxygen Network, Monday January 30th.
Honestly I can't speak too much on the particulars of the show. But I can say that it is a competition based show, in which I am the head judge. While some of the artists are both young, and reletively unknown. They all have Talent, and a bit of something to prove. I'd like to think that this show will be both entertaining, and Educational to the Tattoo client, and artist alike. Letting people know what to look for in both a good, and bad tattoo.
Also check out this months issue of Tattoo Magazine for a cover feature on the show.

There will be plenty more coming on this, as the date gets closer, so keep an eye peeled.

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  1. I just saw the trailer for Ink Master on Spike too.
    Im not sure how you can really justify this, no doubt you`ll be the one hating on it more than anyone else in a couple years though.