Monday, November 21, 2011

Been a week

Wow, Been a little over a week, and too my knowledge, I've not had any artwork ripped off. Or tattoos redone on someone else's client!
Haha, well here's some more fodder for the hacks.
I started this piece quite a few months ago, and he came by to get his other side started. So I figured I'd take a healed photo of her. Healed up beautifully. Really dig er. Man, I love my "Easy Glow"

And heres what we started on the opposite rib. He was looking for another gal, with a bit of a devil gal theme, Holding a human heart.

Now this last piece was a bit of a cluster fuck on my part as it should have been done in a single day/session. But because IM an ass, I actually did it oer the course of two days, in 2-3 hour session. Yeah IM sorry Becky.

She's part of a leg sleeve of evil, villanouse woman.

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