Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home again!

Yup, IM back. Jime and I just returned from this years Northern Ink Xposure And we had a killer time. We hosted our Seminar Lining, Cheatin, Stealin" (for only the second time), to a great audience, who really seemed to dig it, a lot. We got to hang out with a bunch of great folks, and do some fun tattoos. We also did a brief spot at Niagara's H&H. CHeck out Jime's Blog for a cool little clip (thanks Pete).
I also brought down a handful of my Signature series Bishop Rotaries. And they were scooped up immediately. I'll be busting Franco's Balls for more, so I can finally get em on line. So keep an eye peeled.
Jime and I were also a couple of the first artists to test drive the New Neo-Tat machines. A smaller frame style from the original. Killer. If yer a fan of the original Neo, you'll love this new version. Smaller, and lighter. Should be released by August. Hell, Jime, and I tired stealing ours. But Ray was to wise to us, and managed to pry em from our fingers before the end of the show.
I will admit to this trip being a bit stressful, having to deal with customs and all. But Hell, totally worth it.
Upon our return to Hope I was pleasantly surprised to find this waiting for me.
Yours truly, and so many other insanely talented artists make up the content of this incredible book. Honestly I've not had enough time to sit down and give this book the time necessary to make a proper assessment. But just a quick sit down with it has shown me I'll be soooo Far from disappointed. Check out the needlesandsins Blog Great job Marisa, I'll be posting my full impression in the days to follow.
Now IM gonna sit here, enjoy my (several) cup of morning coffee, and interview Jime, for a piece in Tattoo Society Magazine.

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