Friday, May 6, 2011

"Git Er Done"

Yup, Done, and DONE! IM finally finished with this latest commission done for a young lady in the UK, and her upcoming tattoo convention (look for the promo posters soon). She's acrylic on water color paper, bout 24"x30". And IM not embarrassed to say, that it took much longer than I had anticipated.

I'd also did a bit of experimenting with this mono chromatic piece. The last 2 I had done, i'd used a sepia tone, that I'd mixed myself. And just built that up, till I was happy with it. For this one, I'd dropped a burnt sienna, than darkened that up. The effect was entirely too red. Causing me to layer quite a bit. Therefor also causing me to go back in, and drop in highlights (I usually prefer to use the lightest point of my paper). Which in turned gave me unnatural hot spots. Very frustrating, in all. I will most certainly not be working this way again in the future, as IM hoping to do more like these.

p.s. like the title says, she's titled "Git Er Done"

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