Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Couple of Commissions.

Well been real slack with keeping up on my blog. But to be honest, I've been pretty busy with tattooing, and keeping up with things at the shop. With little or no time for art away from tattooing, and certainly even little less for blogging.
But Alas, here I am, blogging away. A week ago, a friend from Australia requested a couple of commissions in trade. So I finally made a couple of "Non Tattooed" drawing. Meaning, I'll not be tattooing these. They were drawn for him, so please don't "Bite".
First we have a little Space Gal Action, called "InkJecta Gal" 11x14 pencils, markers, on paper.

Second I have here A lil Gal, IM calling "Too Stink'in Cute". 8x10 Pencils, Markers, on paper.

Working on a skate deck for a friends show Gallery Twenty Two down in NC. and a few other projects I need to be getting to. But first, some tattooing...

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